Fixing Tools

Fixing Tools
Hilti DX 450 Cartridge Tools
Paslode 250 Gas Operated Finish Nail Gun
Paslode 350/MAX Gas Operated Nail Gun
Screw Gun 18v cordless
Secret Nailer Nail Gun (Hand Operated)
Spotnailer (with mallet)
Lazy Tongue Rivet Gun
Staple Gun
Tek Screw Drivers (Electric)
Resin Cartridge Gun
Silicon Skelton Gun

All Supplies hold an extensive range of clean and well maintained tools and equipment suitable for the job.

For a competitive price for day, week or weekend hire

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Please Note:

All our tool hire products are subject to VAT. Non account holders will require I.D.

Forms of I.D. required:

  1. A current utility bill, bank statement, gas or council tax bill.
  2. Photographic I.D. either a driving license or Passport.
  3. Insurance certificate (house for plant, car insurance when hiring trailers).