Access Equipment

Access Equipment
Aluminium Span Towers
8ft High (2.47m) approx. Height to Tower
12ft High (3.63m)
16ft High (4.78)
20ft High (5.90m)
24ft High (7.08m)
28ft High (8.19m)
32ft High (9.32m)
Handrail Kit (Complete with brackets and poles)
Jumbo Outriggers (Set of 4)
Minimax Folding Tower 2.9m (Working Height)
Minimax Guard Rail Kit 3.7m (Working Height)
Staircase Tower Scaffold
Podium Steps / Tower
Steel Trestles
Scaffold Boards
Stagings 2.4 to 4.2 (8 / 10 / 12 / 14ft)
Stagings 4.8 6m (16ft / 20ft)
20ft (6m) Superboard 600mm wide (Hooks for Towers Available)
Staging Handrail Posts
Staging Handrail
Trestle Handrail System
Trestle Handrail Post
Trestle Handrail Panel
Trestle Stabiliser
Trestle Ladder Bracket

All Supplies hold an extensive range of clean and well maintained tools and equipment suitable for the job.

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All our tool hire products are subject to VAT. Non account holders will require I.D.

Forms of I.D. required:

  1. A current utility bill, bank statement, gas or council tax bill.
  2. Photographic I.D. either a driving license or Passport.
  3. Insurance certificate (house for plant, car insurance when hiring trailers).